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What does the onremote AI Assistant do for you?

Do you perform services and repairs, create instructions, or write protocols and reports? Then the onremote AI Assistant is the perfect helper for you, regardless of your industry and position.

Only understandable reports thanks to video storage!

Administration completed in seconds

Document your work with video and voice, and the app automatically generates a report. No paperwork, no misunderstandings!

Supports Audio & Video

Save valuable time. Comment on your work and highlight important information.

Speaks exactly your language

Onremote AI Assistant understands Swiss German and many other languages, creating reports in the desired language.

Get a visual report in just 3 steps

Start your video recording

Start recording your video. Highlight relevant observations and comment in your language on what should be included in the report. Emphasize important points.

Report preview and correction

Your report is ready. Review the content, add, and correct information as needed.
Do you need a customized report in your corporate design?

Your visual report is ready to share


Share your Visual Report as a PDF, Word, or Excel document.

Try it now for free or try it out!

Custom report for your employees?​

We can transform your custom form into a personalized “Visual Report” that is directly available in your app as an assistant.
Time Efficiency: Automated Analysis saves you valuable time.
Flexibility: Seamlessly integrate your reports into your processes.

Clear videos: Make informed decisions Decisions without misunderstandings

Accessibility: Access your reports anytime, anywhere.

Cost Savings: You avoid errors and
this saves you costs.

Security: Your data is protected.​

Reports in your existing software

Whether it’s CMS, CRM, or any other software – with API integration (REST), we ensure smooth incorporation into your existing IT infrastructure. You get your onremote reports exactly where you need them.

onremote AI Assistant supports these integrations


AR and IoT for enhanced data quality

If desired, we can expand your app to include AR and IOT features. This allows interactive elements or information to be inserted in real time.

Advanced Reality (AR)

Use augmented reality markers to enhance your reporting with interactive elements.

Internet of Things (IoT)​

Integrate data from tools, machines, and sensors in real time.

Remote Support

Add remote support capabilities to create interactive reports remotely.

Use Cases

Which use case should make your everyday life easier?

Return of data in building construction (BIM)

Tenant inquiries & Takeover protocol

After sales remote support

Our Experts

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Anna Yunash

UX Design

Dr. Urs Seiler

Head of Marketing

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Business Development

Dilara Karma

Project Manager


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